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Modular UPS 10-200KVA

Modular UPS 10-200KVA
Details :
 CNM  Series Modular UPS

Product Introduction

CNM series Modular UPS power supply combines the technical characteristics of traditional tower models with the modularization requirements of modern computer rooms, to ensure high reliability of the system while achieving modular design. The performance of this series products have reached the international leading level, with high cost performance, which is the best choice for high reliability power supply needs of various industries.

The CNM series offers a wide range of power modules and cabinet systems that can be flexibly configured to meet your load requirements. A single system cabinet can achieve a capacity of 300KVA, and the cabinet can be configured with a capacity of 900KVA in parallel.

Technical Features

 Three input/ three output pure online  

 20KVA/25KVA/30KVA power module

 Core power devices with integrated package modules

• Parallel work sharing battery pack

• Hot swap static bypass monitoring module

• Support 380/400/415Vac, 50/60Hz grid system

• Input power factor up to 0.99

• Input harmonic current (THDI<3%)

• Machine efficiency >95%

• High-performance machine using DSP full digital control technology

• Emergency power off

• Frontal maintenance, support up and down access, save installation space

• supports 3 cabinets parallel directly

• 10.4-inch LCD color LCD touch screen, rich  information

• Battery cold start function




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