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In-row Precision Air Conditioner

In-row Precision Air Conditioner
Details :
 DataRow Series In-Row Precision Air Conditioning 

Cold aisle and hot aisle separation technique has become the design trend of IT room. DataRow series In-Row air conditioner is put close to heat source, it reduces the distance and resistance of air transmission and continues monitor the heat load changes to provide high efficiency cooling. It uses horizontal cold air supply to keep the cabinet from top to bottom at the same temperature and is the temperature control product for   high heat density data center.

Capacity Range(12.5kW~80kW

Data center (IDC)
High heat density computer room
Modular Data Center
container data center

Technical Features

High reliability
Providing Constant temperature & humidity, Cleanliness environment to ensure the main equipment run in good condition.
All-day running design can guarantee the main equipment safe operation.
All parts had passed severe test and confirmed stable and reliable before delivery.

High energy efficiency

SHR(sensible heat ratio) is 100%
Compressor EER is larger than 3.3 and chilled water cooled unit
EER is larger than 25.
Target-specific design enables the air conditioner save more than 30% energy.
Return air temperature was raised about 6℃,which can save more than 12% energy.
Supplying air precisely can reduce air flow pressure dropwhich can save more than 5% energy.
The internationally optimal compressor and fan can be more efficient.
Full cover evaporator achieves higher heat exchange efficiency.
Even-distributed fan can supply air evenly and obviously reduce the air resistance.
Segment-based condensing water collecting design with the lowest thermal resistance of water film and high heat exchange efficiency.
Optimal air duct design makes the lowest air resistance and smallest fan power possible.
Inverter fan of ODU have longer working life and high energy efficiency.
Advanced control logic control to output cooling capacity according to cooling capacity demand and avoid competitive run.

Easy maintenance

In-row installation
Front-back maintenance.
Rolling wheel at the base makes transportation more convenient
Air filter with metal frame:can be washed repeatedly, making maintenance cost lower.
Self-clean humidifier: less maintenance work.
Individual control fan: easy installation and maintenance

Multiple types

Wide cooling capacity rangeair cooled unit12.5kW~60kW,chilledwater cooled unit25kW~80kW).
Multiple cooling modeair cooled, Freon pump, water cooled, glycolcooled, chilled water cooled.
Multiple air supply mode45°single side supply, 45°dual side supply, front supply.
Various dimensionswidth in 300mm or 600mm.
Multiple piping wayspiping upward or downward.
Multiple refrigerant typeR410A, R407C, for choice.
Wide operating temperature rangestandard type-20~50℃), low temperature type-40~50℃)
Customization: fit into special requirements





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