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Container data center Solution

Container data center Solution Container data center Solution Container data center Solution Container data center Solution
Details :
Coolnet I-Container series Prefabricated integrated outdoor data center infrastructure solution, integrating power supply and distribution, Cooling, management, fire protection, lightning protection and grounding and other functions, is used to carry ICT equipment and provide an efficient, power-saving and reliable Environment Monitoring system. It is suitable for multiple industries and scenarios, and meets customers' requirements for rapid deployment, intelligent management, security and reliability of small outdoor communication network equipment rooms.


General advantages on whole solution

can be customized according to customer needs

can integrate any hardware manufacturer's products

modular solution that allows for future expansion

focus on security (anti-intrusion, waterproof, fire and electromagnetic, etc.)

PUE will be as low as 1.2


Can be used both indoor and outdoor



Structure advantages

waterproof,   EN 60529 standard

heat insulation

Fire prevention , SGS or TUV  EN-1047


Prevent damage and invasion

Electromagnetic protection,    EN 61000-4-3 standard

sound insulation,   Provides noise protection of an average of 33 dB in the frequency range of 100 Hz to 4 kHz




SUS304 stainless steel material,inner filling insulation rockwool,A level waterproof+ A level fireproof+A level buglarproof, with safety lock, with external opening handle,Emergency opening system (internal escape lock)




support 19 inch system

Modular detachable structure

static loading capacity of 1500KG,protection grade IP20

ventilation rate is more than 78%

PU foam sealing material,Resistance to high temperature of 180 degrees Celsius

Easy access to the cable management portal



Power distribution system

Synchronous control, loop suppression and fault isolation

To meet the needs of different load requirements, while ensuring a reasonable redundancy

Hot swap module

N+1 redundancy

Power factor 1.0


Lightning protection



Air conditioning

In row cooling type

Environment friendly refrigerant gas R410A

N+1 redundancy

EC fan

Electronic expansion valve



Fire suppression system

Fire detection and alarm

Gas spray point inside every corner of container

Can communicate with the fire alarm controller network for remote monitoring

The controller has a backup protection function, standby power supply, 
such as spare voltage is lower than 10V system will automatically cut off the standby power

a wide range of sensitivity

high-efficiency suction device

Air flow monitor

Optical smoke detector

Cabinet-type Heptafluoropropane Fire-fighting



Data Center Power Environment Monitoring System

DAS series data collection servers as the center

Has temperature and humidity sensors, smoke sensors, door sensors, water leakage sensors, etc.

City power distribution monitoring

UPS monitoring

Air switch power supply status monitoring

Cooling system monitoring

T/H monitoring

Smoke monitoring

Water leakage monitoring

Magnetic field intrusion detection

Fire suppression connection

Door access monitoring

Video system

B / S management mode,Mobile APP management mode

Support the site sound and light alarm, graphic alarm, mail alarm, wechat alarm and other alarm

The system can realize remote control, linkage control, timing control and other functions 
by setting control logic and associated equipment. 
The equipment includes air conditioning, collecting wind equipment, heating equipment, drainage equipment and so on.

Fully embedded design

Built-in intelligent device communication protocol

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