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     CN-UR Series Rack mounted UPS (1-20KVA)
     CN-UT High frequency UPS (1-30KVA)
     CN-UT High Frequency UPS (20-120KVA)
     CN-UM Series Modular UPS (10-200KVA)
     CN-UG Series Industrial UPS (30-500KVA)
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     Server Cabinet
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Tower type high frequency UPS 10-200KVA

Tower type high frequency UPS 10-200KVA>
Modular UPS 10-200KVA

Modular UPS 10-200KVA>
Industrial Frequency UPS 30-500KVA

Industrial Frequency UPS 30-500KVA>
High Frequency UPS 1-30KVA

High Frequency UPS 1-30KVA>
Rack Mounted UPS 1-20KVA

Rack Mounted UPS 1-20KVA>
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